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Your Commercial and Business Security Partner

Your business must provide for the safety and security of all your business assets, your employees, and your clients. At Just Lock 2002 Long Island, we understand the full scope of your security requirements and we are prepared to partner with you to meet them.

Just Lock 2002 Long Island is a local security company providing:

  • Trained, certified professional locksmiths who are business security experts.
  • A complete line of business security equipment including commercial locking systems, safes, and security and safety devices.
  • Our own professional installers specifically trained to install all equipment to manufacturer’s specifications
  • Complete on-demand follow-up service available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Your Business Security Planning

Whether you’re securing a small office or shop or responsible for providing security for a large institution such as a hospital, you need:

  • A full assessment of your risks and areas of vulnerability specific to your business, your neighborhood, and your premises.
  • A complete understanding of the equipment and options available for meeting your specific needs.
  • A thorough and accurate estimate of all the costs of equipment and installation.

“The key to getting the right equipment is knowing both what is needed and all of the equipment available to meet the need,” says John Lynch, one of our business security experts. “For example, keypad locks can secure interior areas such as computer rooms where only designated employees need access. And, because each employee can be assigned a unique code, you eliminate the need for duplicate keys that can be lost or stolen. Some keypad locks can even send a report to you showing who entered the space and when.”

To support your effective business security planning, Just Lock 2002 offers you:

Free Assessment and Estimate

At your request, one of our business security experts will meet with you to assess your premises and discuss your business security goals, priorities, and budget. Our skilled and experienced experts work with you to:

  • Identify your business security requirements.
  • Select the equipment that best meets your needs.
  • Plan the installation of locks, safes, and any safety devices.
  • Meet your security needs within your budget.

When the process is completed, you’ll have:

  • All the information you need about your specific risks and vulnerabilities.
  • Complete information on the most current locking systems and other security components to meet your specific needs.
  • Full disclosure of all anticipated costs including professional installation.
  • Our pledge of full, complete, on-demand follow-up and emergency services available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Put Us to the Test!

Just Lock 2002 Long Island is a local company specializing in full locksmith and security services in our area. We offer our Free Assessment and Estimate to all businesses including:

  • Independent offices and office buildings.
  • Small enterprises including shops, neighborhood stores, garages, and warehouses.
  • Large businesses including apartment buildings, motels, factories, and institutions such as hospitals and schools.

Because we live and work in your neighborhood, we understand your area and any special risks you may face. Our mobile units are always nearby and one of our dispatchers is always ready to take your call.

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