When it comes to new garage door installation and garage door repair, it is important to choose a company with a history of excellence. Long Island Locksmith has been in the garage door industry for years. We provide solid warranties for all products sold and work performed, and we offer different financing options if needed. For a new garage door or to have an existing door problem fixed, please call us today at (305) 3057477596.

The Installation of New Garage Doors


Unlike other garage door companies, Long Island Locksmith proudly offers a full line of conventional as well as carriage house style doors for even the most discerning customer. To ensure every installation and repair job is done correctly, our technicians are highly trained and dedicated.

Styles for New Garage Doors

Based on personal taste and architectural features of the home, every customer wants a unique garage door. To accommodate our customers in Long Island, Long Island Locksmith has a nice range of options, such as:


Steel or Wood Carriage House


Premier Carriage House


Traditional Steel

Replacing Garage Doors

There is a special skillset associated with the replacement of garage doors. Long Island Locksmith possesses the expertise for repairing a door that is not operating correctly or has completely broken down. Because all doors are replaced by trained professionals, you have greater peace of mind.

Proper Repairs for Garage Doors

For a garage door opener that no longer works because of a dead sensor or a garage door off the track or with a broken spring or chain, Long Island Locksmith offers outstanding service. Our professionals are qualified to work on a broad range of repair issues.

Trusted Garage Door Services

In addition to more conventional garage door installations and repairs, Long Island Locksmith offers customers innovative technologies, including ultra-quiet belt-driven operation and smartphone access. Please give us a call to learn more or schedule an appointment.